Dan’s Ventoux “Rodney”

Just back from a week in Spain, Dan dropped us this review.
“Recently treated myself to a new Ventoux Road Bike Box after seeing a pal’s in the flesh.  The box was supplied at amazingly short notice by Buxumbox and was an absolute doddle to pack compared to my old box. Tons of extra space inside for your kit and I really couldn’t be happier.  Looking forward to many more adventures with it soon! “

Feedback from the past week…

Tom D, UK
Just wanted to say I went on my first trip with the box a few weeks ago. Absolutely great piece of kit. May seem like small details but the wheels roll so smoothly. Packing is super easy. Its clearly taken a few knocks in the hold so definitely doing its job.
Everything about it is extremely well made and it works beautifully.
A great product and delighted I have got one. And the big plus for the household is that by splitting it you can get it through the loft hatch.

Caroline T, France
The box has arrived and I must admit it has far exceeded all expectations even if it does look like a large oblong Royal Mail letter box!  It certainly won’t be hard to spot at the airport.I have tried it out and managed to get my bike in the box without even removing the seat so that’s a real result.  The perfect box for a woman, dare I say it.  I will photograph it and add it to my instagram account.  As far as I can see it has to be the best box on the market which accommodates integrated handlebars.

Emily R, USA
Box arrived a few days ago and it looks beautiful and unharmed! Thank you so much for all your efforts to get it to me in time for my trip. I recognize that it was probably a logistical challenge for you and your team, and I want you to know I appreciate your efforts.
I’m excited to use the box in my move and I am sure to recommend you guys based on your customer service!

Custom tandem box for Italian Paralympic triathlete – Tokyo 2020

Custom tandem box for Italian Paralympic triathlete – Tokyo 2020

We were delighted to be asked to build a custom tandem box for Paralympic triathlete, Anna Barbaro. Anna is competing in the Triathlon PTVI Class for Italy at the Tokyo 2020 games on August 27th (2021!).

We hadn’t yet made a box for a tandem that couldn’t be split using S&S Couplers – Anna’s bike (a Duratec Big Bang Disc) therefore required a ground-up custom design. There was also a deadline to hit –  just ten days to design, engineer and build the box. The challenge here was the sheer length of the box, 182cm – significant additional bracing is required to prevent flexing and bowing – you can see this in the white metal photos below.

Very happy with the end result, especially the finish in Italian azure blue.

Please follow Anna in Tokyo at 2330CET on August 27th

Instagram: @annicabar

Facebook: @annabarbaroatleta


Santiago’s Tourmalet box

Santiago is based in New York and travels with a S-Works Tarmac. This is what he had to say about his Tourmalet box:

“It arrived on Friday. Did a test packing, just to see. Wow! Super fast and what a well-designed product. After years with a Scicon Aerotech hard case I know the Tourmalet will be a breeze to travel with, likely fits into cars with more ease!”