The definitive solution for transporting bikes with Cannondale Lefty forks.

We have recently updated the design of our axle adaptors for Cannondale Lefty hubs – the previous iteration could only be used on the MTB variant of our Ventoux box but now, with the growing popularity of the Lefty  version of the Topstone gravel bike, we can now offer this option for the Ventoux Road box. No modification of the standard box is needed.

The new fitting is billet machined from our favoured 6061 aluminium before receiving an attractive bead blast and anodised finish – the attaching T-bolt is turned from stainless steel and features the fine-form M10 thread used in the Lefty forks.

Lefty fork accessory for bike box case Lefty fork adapter for bike box case

The mounting procedure is straightforward – the main fitting is first slid over the stub axle of the Lefty fork and held in place with the T-bolt. The bike is now ready to be loaded to the box the Lefty fitting locates in our standard mounting bracket cradles and is secured with thru-axle retaining pins.

Available as an option on the Add Accessory option box when ordering a Ventoux MTB or Ventoux Road box – or as a retrofit accessory.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries on this or any other Buxumbox product.

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