Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron sent us this image of his Ventoux MTB box – five years old and very well travelled.

Evidence that yes they get scratched, yes they get dinged, yes they get scuffed – but damage to bike? Never.

The graphical design of the Buxumbox boxes has moved on since 2018 but the strength and protection remains unsurpassed.

(Aaron is supported by Commercial Mortgage Capital, Ann Arbor Michigan)

Jaegher themed Ventoux

Thanks to FP for sharing this image of his Jaegher themed Ventoux Road box – complete peace of mind for his immaculate stainless bike. This box is finished in Dead Matt Black with glossy black decals.

Specialized Shiv? Yes.

Thanks to customer CS who sent us this image of his Specialized Shiv fitted in to a slightly modified Ventoux box, avoiding the need to remove complex integrated cockpit.

If you’re interested in a similar set-up then please contact us mentioning Straight Mount Brackets.

John’s Tourmalet

John’s Tourmalet

US customer John sent us this picture of his well-travelled Tourmalet on this way through New Orleans. Looking good John!

Emilio’s Tourmalet

Customer Emilio has finally been able to travel with his Tourmalet box – a trip much delayed due to the pandemic (remember that?!). This is what he had to say by way of review…

I often travel to Japan, a bike heaven if there is one, and I decided it was time to transport my bike without becoming mad every time I have to pack it. I ordered a Tourmalet, and happily received it … just in time for the pandemics. Now travelling to Japan is again (sort of) possible, so I am glad to say that the box fulfilled my expectations. Packing is easy. The bike is perfectly protected. It looks great, and raises the curiosity and admiration of other travellers. It also rolls beautifully and doubles as a cart for ordinary luggage 😉.

Cement Grey colour Ventoux Road

Cement Grey may sound a little bland but it’s been one of our favourite colours this year – wonderfully understated. Customer MC sent in these images of his Ventoux Road in this colour and commented:


“Tried packing the box today. I left the saddle and seat post in, just dropped it a bit, so that I didn’t have to disconnect the di2. Easy once you get the hang of it, it will be much quicker than other boxes where much more disassembly and strapping in is required.”


For those who are interested in specifying this colours, the code for Cement Grey is RAL7033


Marrakech souk

Customer BL sent in this fantastic image of his two Tourmalet in Marrakech – just brilliant!

HS’s Ventoux MTB box

HS’s Ventoux MTB box

US customer sent us this image of his customised Ventoux MTB box leaving the aircraft in Colorado – he says:

“My trip to Colorado to participate a MTB race was accompanied by Ventoux MTB box.  Couldn’t be happier that no damage inside out the box and my bike was safely transported through one of the roughest baggage handling among all airports.”

Thanks HS!

Gail’s Ventoux MTB feedback

UK customer Gail has a Ventoux MTB uniquely set up for her Cannondale Lefty – here’s here feedback after her first trip with the box:

I just wanted to let you know that I have returned from a MTB holiday in The Pyrenees.  My bike box had its first outing.  I am so delighted with it. The whole process of packing was so simple and secure.  I had complete  peace of mind whilst it was in transit with Easy Jet 😬.  Thank you so much, it was worth every penny. I am now promoting you big time to all my cycling comrades.

Thank you Gail!


Mike Millar’s YouTube review of the Ventoux Road

Canadian customer Mike runs the YouTube channel Bikes by Mike

In his latest video, experienced traveller Mike talks about his priorities for selecting a bike box and gives an overview of the most popular products currently on the market – there’s also a handy timelapse of him packing his own Ventoux Road – 5 minutes 59 seconds  not bad at all for a first attempt. See the video here.

SpyVelo box

Thanks to James from SpyVelo for sending an image of their box – we supplied in matt black – they applied decals.

Ventoux MTB review by October 2018

As the only aluminium bike box on the market, the Buxumbox Ventoux MTB’s unique design means it affords great protection for ultimate peace of mind.

It’s quick and easy to pack and extraordinarily easy to wheel around. Yes, it’s a lot of money but it’s a high-quality piece of kit and should last a very long time

More info here July 2018 Tourmalet review

The Buxumbox Tourmalet is a strong aluminium bike case for carrying your bike safely when you fly, and it’s very easy to pack too. The price and possibly the weight are hurdles.

  • Pros: Strong, durable, easy to pack
  • Cons: A little heavier and pricier than most rivals

Several changes have been made since we first reviewed the Buxumbox Tourmalet three years ago, the most significant being that you can now get it with fixing points for bikes with thru-axles as well as open-ended dropouts and that assembly has now been moved to the UK – Okehampton in Devon, to be more precise. I’ll tell you about other changes later on.

More info here


I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson

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