Ride 25

Pro tip for a great team photo – place your star boxes in the middle of the picture!

These boxes are for members of Ride 25 – a group of friends who, some years ago, hit on the idea of riding from London to Sydney – but with a twist – riding a one week leg per year over 25 years – genius idea!

Ahead of the flight to Azerbaijan for the 2024 stint, it was felt that a bike box upgrade was needed – hence this fleet of six Ventoux Road units – more than a match for the Baku baggage handlers.

Best wishes to Tom and his team for this and future trips.



DDR’s Ventoux poolside

Customer DDR from Belgium sent us this image of his Ventoux Road box from a recent trip to Spain – presumably the box fancied a few hours by the pool after our Northern European winter.

More customer travels

LD lives on an island just off County Donegal, Ireland – the first leg of their Christmas trip to Australia involves this means of transport!

Tourmalet in Japan

Thanks to customer MN from the USA who sent in these images from his recent trip to Japan and travelled extensively on the JR rail network.


He commented “I was pleased as punch that the BuxumBox Ventoux, despite its dimensions, was able to fit in all forms of public transport in Japan. The country is not known for its abundance of space. So wanted to share that good news as well.’


Colour combo of the year…

Customer SH in San Francisco ordered a pair on Ventoux boxes in this rather tasteful combination of matt finish Wine Red (RAL3005) and Moss Green (RAL6005) – thank you to SH for sending this lovely image of the boxes resting at home.

Be in no doubt – there’s a bike inside!

We recently shipped this custom Tourmalet box to returning customer NF in California – his reply was “Just received my new box, it looks absolutely fantastic and I love all the improvements over the previous 2017 model that I got”.

The finish is Enhanced Powder Coat “Traffic Red” (RAL3020) with the bike decal in gloss white.

Please contact us to discuss your custom design.

Favourite colour from November

Image and comment from happy customer DR in Portugal – DR says “Just got the first box with me today and let me take my hat off to you, this thing is an ABSOLUTE WORK OF ART!”.

The consensus is that this our favourite colour from November production – it’s Olive Green (RAL6003) in matt finish.

Blair’s Buxumbox Galibier box for travel bike

US customer Blair recently wrote to us with this review:

“I’ve had my Ritchey Breakaway for 10 years and have ridden it over 25,000 miles all around the world. I’ve gone through 3 S&S boxes during that stretch. They are flimsy, but I never knew there was an alternative. In late August 2023, my S&S case took a damaging blow somewhere between Hamburg and Heathrow and I started investigating where I could buy a replacement case. I stumbled upon Buxumbox Galibier box and instantly saw the superior design and craftsmanship.

This is a pic from my inaugural trip with the new case from Amsterdam to Buffalo in October 2023. The Galibier box actually stayed shut, which never happened with my S&S Case.
Looking forward to many future years of traveling with this great case.”

Thanks for the review Blair – best wishes for your travels.

You can see more about the Galibier box here.
Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron sent us this image of his Ventoux MTB box – five years old and very well travelled.

Evidence that yes they get scratched, yes they get dinged, yes they get scuffed – but damage to bike? Never.

The graphical design of the Buxumbox boxes has moved on since 2018 but the strength and protection remains unsurpassed.

(Aaron is supported by Commercial Mortgage Capital, Ann Arbor Michigan)


Mike Millar’s YouTube review of the Ventoux Road

Canadian customer Mike runs the YouTube channel Bikes by Mike

In his latest video, experienced traveller Mike talks about his priorities for selecting a bike box and gives an overview of the most popular products currently on the market – there’s also a handy timelapse of him packing his own Ventoux Road – 5 minutes 59 seconds  not bad at all for a first attempt. See the video here.

SpyVelo box

Thanks to James from SpyVelo for sending an image of their box – we supplied in matt black – they applied decals.

Ventoux MTB review by October 2018

As the only aluminium bike box on the market, the Buxumbox Ventoux MTB’s unique design means it affords great protection for ultimate peace of mind.

It’s quick and easy to pack and extraordinarily easy to wheel around. Yes, it’s a lot of money but it’s a high-quality piece of kit and should last a very long time

More info here July 2018 Tourmalet review

The Buxumbox Tourmalet is a strong aluminium bike case for carrying your bike safely when you fly, and it’s very easy to pack too. The price and possibly the weight are hurdles.

  • Pros: Strong, durable, easy to pack
  • Cons: A little heavier and pricier than most rivals

Several changes have been made since we first reviewed the Buxumbox Tourmalet three years ago, the most significant being that you can now get it with fixing points for bikes with thru-axles as well as open-ended dropouts and that assembly has now been moved to the UK – Okehampton in Devon, to be more precise. I’ll tell you about other changes later on.

More info here


I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson

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