Finish Options

One Buxumbox feature is the wide range of finish options available on the Tourmalet and Ventoux models. There are three broad categories:

Standard graphical design


This is the finish you see on the website product images – a stylised graphic design updated once a season.

The design is applied to each of the main panels prior to assembly by a traditional screen-printing technique. Done in two steps, firstly black ink that covers most of the panel leaving highlighted areas of text and pattern. The second step with green ink provides the finishing touch.

The ink is a two-pack epoxy – a tough finish which requires real intent to scratch or abrade.

This blog article goes in to more detail.

The  extruded aluminium sections and components that make up the structural frame of the box are anodised to provide an attractive finish resistant to weathering and finger-prints.

For this option, please select “Standard graphics” when configuring your box.

Enhanced Powder Coat finish

A popular option is to have the box powder coated in super-tough polyester or epoxy finish – the provides the highest level of scratch/scuff resistance and can be specified in a spectrum of 165 colours .

Two options are available here:

Whole box

Here the structural frame and panels are built up and sent out for powder coating –finish is applied to the whole box, inside and out. Fittings and hardware are then added as part of the final assembly process. This option offers the highest level of scuff and corrosion protection and is particularly suited to marine environments.

For this option, please select “Enhanced powder coat – whole box” when configuring your box. A £95+VAT surcharge over Standard Graphics applies.

Panels only

In this case the ten panels that make up the sides/top/bottom of the box are individually powder-coated before assembly into the structural frame. Frame components are anodised to provide an attractive finish resistant to weathering and finger-prints. This is a popular aesthetic finish, evoking the style of traditional flight cases.

For this option, please select “Enhanced powder coat – panels only” when configuring your box. A £95+VAT surcharge over Standard Graphics applies.

The preference for either matt, satin or gloss finish is of course high subjective but, as a general rule, we think the lighter and more subdued shades look better in matt with darker highly saturated colours working well in gloss.

The Ralcolor site is a good resource for referencing each of the 165 available colours.

Boxes are stocked in the most popular colour, matt black, with a two-week lead time applying to other colours.

We often post images of recent examples on the website blog and Facebook if you’re looking for inspiration!

Raw aluminium

Recently introduced as an option in response to customer demand for the minimalist aesthetic where the owner wishes to apply his/her own decals, paint or artwork. Here both the structural frame and panels are left unfinished, whilst latch and handle hardware is powder-coated black with internal fittings receiving an anodised finish. The Raw Aluminium finish doesn’t hide scratches and dings quite as well as the other options but rest assured that protection of the bike is undiminished.

The aluminium grades used have good corrosion-resistant properties and can even be polished to a near mirror finish if desired. The only instance where we would advise against Raw Aluminium is where box is used/stored in a marine environment.

For this option, please select “Raw aluminium” when configuring your box. A £35+VAT saving compared Standard Graphics is achieved with this finish.


Whatever the finish option, we’re often asked to apply customer’s decal designs to reflect teams, events, brands – this can be single colour vinyl cut decals or multi-colour printed designs, both resistant to UV light and scuffing.

These look best applied to the large side panels of boxes in Enhanced Powder Coat or Raw Aluminium finish.

All we need to do this is the customer’s artwork file in a scalable Vector Graphic format, typically AI, SVG or EPS (other common formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF are not suitable as they are not scalable for printing).

Decals are provided as an at-cost service and is typically £65 +VAT depending on size/complexity. Feel free to run ideas by us via the Contact page .

Again, examples are often posted on the website blog page and Facebook.

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