Galibier Bike Box for S&S Couplers

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Buxumbox Galibier bike box for S&S Coupler and Ritchey Breakaway bikes.

Finished in matt black powder coat finish.

Product dimensions:

  • External dimensions of 671mm x 671mm x 258mm.
  • Weight 6.5kg

Shipping dimensions:

  • 753mm × 768mm × 360mm
  • Weight 10kg


Buxumbox does not guarantee airlines will not charge additional fees for the Galibier box. Luggage charges are always at the discretion of the airline.



Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 75.3 × 76.8 × 36.0 cm

Packing instructions

Packing a Galibier is one of those things where everyone has a slightly different approach depending on frame geometry. The best instructions we’ve seen are on the S&S website:

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