The Trek Madone is a very popular bike amongst our customers, or should I say would-be customers…

The trend for evermore integrated cockpits and demands for aero characteristics make it the most challenging bike to travel with.  Restricted fork rotation means that the Madone won’t fit in our standard Ventoux box whilst the very tight cable/hose runs rule it out for the smaller Tourmalet model.  Maybe a little unfair to single out Trek – many of the top manufacturers are taking a similar approach with their flagship models.  Needless to say, it’s be painful to turn away orders from Madone owners!

We now have a solution though.  This utilises the standard Ventoux shell fitted with specially designed mounting brackets for front and rear dropouts – these position the bike centrally in the box, avoiding the need to rotate the forks whilst providing just enough room for the handlebar to be detached and rotated.  A handy additional benefit is that there is now room for two pairs of wheels to be carried.

A few photos help illustrate how this works (yes, the lid does it on!)

We’ve just taken delivery of a batch of these brackets making this solution ready to order from today.  

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