In response to customer requests to be able to track and locate their Buxumboxes, we’ve developed an AirTag holder for the Tourmalet, Ventoux and Stelvio boxes.

The all aluminium construction of our boxes means that placing an AirTag inside the box obstructs the signal and, in extreme cases, can even render the AirTag undetectable. The brief therefore was to design a holder that would permit a clear signal, be tamper-proof, discreetly located and protected from accidental damage.

The solution shown is a three piece design with a base firmly riveted to the underside of the box chassis, a spacer and a cap, all made from laser-cut aluminium with a black anodised finish. The AirTag is sandwiched between these components and secured with special tamper-proof socket screws (a driver bit for these screws is also supplied). This enables the AirTag to be removed for battery changes or other uses.

Available now as an option on new boxes and shortly as a retrofit accessory (requires two rivets to be drilled out and replaced with supplied hardware).

(AirTag not included).

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