Ventoux MTB thru-axle kit – 15×110 front, 12×142 rear

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Used to load bikes with thru-axle hub system to box.

Fitting instructions:

(1) First remove any QR fittings from box if fitted. This is done by unscrewing end of QR skewer and releasing small grub screw on each axle collar (2mm Allen key required). The thru-axle system will not fit if QR parts are still in place.
(2) Fit the dummy hubs (castellated tubes) to bike using bike’s own thru-axle skewers in the same way you would attach wheel to bike. Take note to pass chain over the top of dummy axle.
(3) Load bike to box so that dummy axles sit centrally in cradles on mounting brackets. Rear cradle position is adjustable to suit bike’s wheelbase.
(4) Secure bike with button-headed pins – depress blue button before sliding these through the cradle and over the dummy axle. Two on front, two on rear.
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