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Additional information

Front Axle

Quick release, Thru-axle 12×100, Thru-axle 15×100

Rear Axle

Quick release, Thru-axle 12×142

Technical Specification

Weight 12.5kg (27.5 lb)
Dimensions (LxHxD) H1: 115.7 x 78.8 x 30.9cm (45.6 x 31.0 x 12.2″);   H2: 115.7 x 82.8 x 30.9cm (45.6 x 32.6 x 12.2″);   H3: 115.7 x 86.8 x 30.9cm (45.6 x 34.2 x 12.2″)
Typical maximum frame size (c-t)*: 610mm (24″) – see “Which box?” tab
Suitable for Road, Track, TT & Cross
Disassembly required Wheels/skewers, bars/stem pedals, seatpost
Pack/unpack time 10 min/10 min
Latches 4
Handles 4
Wheels 2 fixed, 2 caster
Includes two wheelbags: Yes
Lead-time: typically 2 weeks (including air-shipment) **

Packing Instructions

  1. Prepare bike: Engage top gear. Remove pedals. Remove saddle/seat-post assembly. Remove wheels and deflate tyres. Remove wheel skewers.
  2. Prepare box: Open box, remove Anti-Crush Bar and wheel bags. Slide the Rear Axle Mount to forward-most position.
  3. Place saddle/seat-post assembly under webbing in base of box – saddle towards front of box.
  4. Position the cranks horizontally with right-hand crank forward.
  5. Load frameset to box: (a) Front: Locate front fork dropouts to Front Dropout Mount, adjust and tighten QR skewer (as with a bike, quick release may need adjustment to accommodate lawyer tabs). (b) Rear: Manoeuvre rear end of bike such chain locates in groove Rear Dropout Mount. Slide Rear Axle Mount backwards to engage with rear dropouts. Tighten quick release as you would on the bike.
  6.  Remove handlebar from stem by removing end cap on stem (for quill stems and integrated handlebars, remove whole bar/stem assembly from fork).
  7. Rotate handlebar through approximately 90° and lower into box adjacent to right hand side of front fork and headtube. Consider additional protection (e.g. pipe lagging) to brake levers.
  8. Place wheels in wheel bags. Place pedals and skewers in pockets inside wheel bags (there are two pockets in each bag).
  9. Load wheel bags to box, one each side on frame – on right side. Front wheel goes on left hand side at rear of box. Rear wheel goes on right hand side at front of box (with cassette facing outwards). The slots in the wheel bags must be positioned horizontally and adjacent to one another in centre of box.
  10. Insert Anti-Crush Bar through slots in wheel bag and locate ends in one of three locations in Anti-Crush Retainer (note that you should use same location point on left and right side).
  11. Load any other items (e.g. helmet, shoes, track pump) to spare space in box (these should be housed in suitably protective bags to prevent damage during transit).
  12. Manoeuvre box lid over box base, taking care to ensure lid is correctly oriented by aligning two red washers on front end panels. Take care to ensure that lid clears handlebar/stem assembly. Check that upper and lower edges are positively engaged on all four sides of box.
  13. Engage and tighten four latches by turning handle through 90 degrees.
  14. If required, lock case by threading the two (one on each side) TSA-approved cable locks through latch handle and cable guide.
  15. To unpack, the reverse of these instructions applies.
You’re all done – safe travels!