Pro Cycle appointed as distributor for Thailand

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a distributor for Thailand, Pro Cycle Ltd. procycle-logo

Pro Cycle Ltd was established in 2012 by its Managing Director Bobby Weerasak. Born from Bobby’s passion for cycling it began as a young and energetic distribution company with the main focus on importing and distributing high quality bicycles, parts and accessories within Thailand. Pro Cycle is now one of the most competitive distributors in the Thailand sports cycling market, whilst still retaining the small business feel – other brands include Pinarello, Focus and NeilPryde.

With Buxum now manufacturing in the UK, the advantage Pro Cycle can offer is a competitive alternative to costly individual air shipments which has been our only shipping option until now. In addition to this, Thai customers can have the peace of mind of local supply and after-sales support. You can learn more about Pro Cycle here.

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