For a mountainbiker living between East Africa and Wales comes with a whole host of challenges.

Just some of the thoughts & in some case solutions I have employed (and often failed) are:

1. Out of my two bikes (29er hard tail or 27.5 enduro) leave one at each location, box it in cardboard ? But then where will it live in-between trips? & what if I need the other bike ?
2. Purchased (and promptly sold i might add) the [removed by BUXUMBOX] and [removed by BUXUMBOX] (very cheap hinges & central support cut out of a shower curtain rail) just to name the closest contenders in my comparison.

The issues with travelling with other brands of cases/boxes/bags:
1. The bike & bits are either free-moving or semi or squeezed too tightly together?
2. Damage risk again because of the leaking sealant with (1)
3. Use of pad-locks, dangling either loudly or free-moving causing tears (both types🤣) damage to fabric & easily broken into
4. Instability when wheeling
5. Use of straps and other attachments which are often left behind or just never used and then when needed can never be found resulting in improvised use of gorilla tape
6. The scary feeling when the case/box/bag is wheeled away from you at checkin
7. By far the worst problem, and i mean worst x10 is the unboxing & re-boxing at ALL customs . With all those eyes just glaring at you at customs .. so very stressful when for some reason things just don’t fit like they did when you packed it at home.
8. Manoeuvrability. Often cumbersome, weighted mass of momentum as you navigate from car/bus/airport-shuttle to airport entrance to check-in.. its like a super stressful slalom course
9. Just the noise, clang here, thud here or in some cases the worst few words you just don’t want to here .. ‘hello.. hello.. sorry, i think this is yours’… as someone in an airport hands you your helmet/tool/sock/shoelace/lock/bike box wheel which has abandoned ship. Very embarrassing or more importantly, expensive loss.
10. The list of damages I have had while transporting bikes through an airport is so long, don’t know where to start. Damaged carbon rims, numerous scuffs on frame in the bike bags … the list just goes on & on & on..

The Buxumbox is ….. perfect.

All of what you have just read above, well, this Buxumbox Ventoux MTB just deletes all that butterfly-churning-scared to damage my bike & what-a-mission feeling! Yup, it takes it all away. This thing is a dream.
The wheels make it feel like rudi & santa on their very first Christmas delivery, sleigh all super smooth oiled with fairy dust goose fat.. the buxum box manoeuvres like a gokart when compared to any box or even a Samsonite suitcase. Silk smooth , feels level and stops with such a light touch that you’d think there were hydraulic brakes on the thing.
The build quality, can only be described as if it were the third/forth Bugatti off the brand new production line. The materials used & workmanship is second to none.

Packing takes me ten minutes at most, unpacking maybe 5 minutes.
Seeing is believing, just buy one and tell me if it doesn’t feel like that one pint from your fave pub every weekend after covid lockdown eases! The buxum box is a travel cyclists perfect pub-poured-pint , every time you travel, it delivers! Peace of mind.

And did i mention it fits in the back of my Mini(BMW) Paceman ! Ohh yes it does.

Bike: Santa cruz 5010 – large, with 27.5+ tyres.

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