Bike Boxes to Fly Your Bike – Strong, Safe, Rapid

Lightweight boxes made of sustainable aluminium, built to last a lifetime. A ten minute pack/unpack time and class-leading strength to protect your bike when you travel.



You’ve trained six months for this event and have a small fortune’s worth of bike to put on a plane… we’ve been there, worried about that.
Our experience with the sport and as travel professionals has given us insight into the exacting requirements of international athletes. Add our engineering expertise and you get a highly innovative range of bicycle travel cases that offer the very best in terms of optimal strength, weight, versatility, security and ease of use.

Our Products

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    £1,044.00 Plus worldwide shipping (free within UK)

    £1,044.00 Plus worldwide shipping (free within UK)

    £1,134.00 Plus worldwide shipping (free within UK)
  • Ventoux workstand set

    £126.00 Plus worldwide shipping (free within UK)
  • Buxumbox Galibier bike box for S&S Coupler and Ritchey Breakaway bikes.

    Galibier Bike Box for S&S Couplers

    £546.00 Plus worldwide shipping (free within UK)

From The Blog

Steve G’s Ventoux Road box

Customer Steve G has just returned from Greece and provided this review: I wanted a super-sturdy bike box that doesn't require removing road bike handlebars. The Ventoux checks off all of the boxes! My first trip with the box included flying transatlantic and a bit of...

Mike Millar’s YouTube review of the Ventoux Road

Canadian customer Mike runs the YouTube channel Bikes by Mike In his latest video, experienced traveller Mike talks about his priorities for selecting a bike box and gives an overview of the most popular products currently on the market - there's also a handy...

Jeff’s Ventoux Road

UK customer Jeff dropped us this line after his first trip with his new Ventoux Road. "Just as the sign says - special equipment for sure. I had not anticipated a new phenomenon to appear on my new Buxumbox first outing to Mallorca - namely ‘Bikebox envy’. The...

Martin’s Tourmalets

Martin kindly sent in this image of his pair of Tourmalets in Gran Canaria - the view is from their Teror base looking up to Pico de Las Nieves at 1949 metres altitude. A great image of some well-travelled boxes!

Update on the new Buxumbox Stelvio MTB box

A few people have been asking when the new Stelvio box for longer MTBs is going to be available to buy. The answer is now - we just haven't yet had time to get it on the website but that will be resolved by the end of the month. Meanwhile here are a few images from...

John H’s Tourmalet box

John kindly sent us this image from his trip from the US to Germany and Austria - delayed by three years due to you-know-what. Congratulations John for getting there eventually!

Gary’s long-term review

This from Gary, owner of two 2015 and 2017 Tourmalets. "A good friend has been asking about transporting bikes. We have always used a Buxumbox bike box on our travels.. Grateful to the team there for helping out when needed.. The older of the two boxes recently...

Dan’s Ventoux “Rodney”

Just back from a week in Spain, Dan dropped us this review. "Recently treated myself to a new Ventoux Road Bike Box after seeing a pal’s in the flesh.  The box was supplied at amazingly short notice by Buxumbox and was an absolute doddle to pack compared to my old...

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson

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