Bike Boxes to Fly Your Bike – Strong, Safe, Rapid

Lightweight boxes made of sustainable aluminium, built to last a lifetime. A ten minute pack/unpack time and class-leading strength to protect your bike when you travel.



You’ve trained six months for this event and have a small fortune’s worth of bike to put on a plane… we’ve been there, worried about that.
Our experience with the sport and as travel professionals has given us insight into the exacting requirements of international athletes. Add our engineering expertise and you get a highly innovative range of bicycle travel cases that offer the very best in terms of optimal strength, weight, versatility, security and ease of use.

From The Blog

Last week in the studio…

Shooting the updated graphics for the Buxumbox Ventoux Road and Ventoux MTB boxes. This will be the design you receive if you select the Standard Graphics finish option. Thanks to Tobie Loates @tloates1

A bit of a special job…

For customer MW in the USA - a custom graphic wrap for his Speedwagen applied to lower side and top panels of a Buxumbox Ventoux Road box. We don't do many of these because the wrap is extremely labour-intensive - the results are always pleasing though!

Buxumbox for the pioneering Laverack Aston Martin .1R bike

The Rouleur Live 2024 show saw the launch of a groundbreaking collaboration between British automotive and cycling brands Aston Martin and J.Laverack, the .1R bicycle. Four year in the making, the .1R is a triumph of engineering and aesthetics to produce the world’s...

AirTag housing

In response to customer requests to be able to track and locate their Buxumboxes, we've developed an AirTag holder for the Tourmalet, Ventoux and Stelvio boxes. The all aluminium construction of our boxes means that placing an AirTag inside the box obstructs the...

Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron’s well travelled Ventoux MTB

Aaron sent us this image of his Ventoux MTB box - five years old and very well travelled. Evidence that yes they get scratched, yes they get dinged, yes they get scuffed - but damage to bike? Never. The graphical design of the Buxumbox boxes has moved on since 2018...

Jaegher themed Ventoux

Thanks to FP for sharing this image of his Jaegher themed Ventoux Road box - complete peace of mind for his immaculate stainless bike. This box is finished in Dead Matt Black with glossy black decals.

Specialized Shiv? Yes.

Thanks to customer CS who sent us this image of his Specialized Shiv fitted in to a slightly modified Ventoux box, avoiding the need to remove complex integrated cockpit. If you're interested in a similar set-up then please contact us mentioning Straight Mount...

BMC Masterpiece

We are honoured to be contracted by BMC Switzerland to supply boxes for their halo bike, the Masterpiece - as BMC say "an exclusive and unparalleled example of what can be done when no expense is spared". Each and every Masterpiece bike or frame set is supplied to its...

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

Delivery Worldwide

I’ve used many other boxes but this surpasses them by far. They thought of everything and top of the list is style and function. You couldn’t want more. – Xterra World Champs Competitor
Mike Watson

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