I reached out to Buxumbox to supply me with a bike box for a trip I was making from Australia to Colorado and didn’t give them much time to build, custom paint and deliver – the whole customer service experience was world class and time from the initial contact by email to receiving the delivery was 14 days – amazing.

First time packing my bike into the box I did the normal male thing and just got into it – 15 minutes later it was all done and lots of room left for shoes, helmet and clothing. I had a look at the You Tube clips on how to pack the box afterwards and with this additional knowledge I’m sure I could do it much faster. One less thing to stress about when travelling with my bike, thanks guys.

Neil, Australia


Note from Buxumbox
Thanks Neil – a pleasure to work with you – love how the colours of your bike work with the orange of the box.
We supplied the box in RAL 2011 orange – Neil had his own decals made and applied them locally. We were so impressed with results that we’re looking at offering this as part as a custom design service.

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