We were delighted to be asked to build a custom tandem box for Paralympic triathlete, Anna Barbaro. Anna is competing in the Triathlon PTVI Class for Italy at the Tokyo 2020 games on August 27th (2021!).

We hadn’t yet made a box for a tandem that couldn’t be split using S&S Couplers – Anna’s bike (a Duratec Big Bang Disc) therefore required a ground-up custom design. There was also a deadline to hit –  just ten days to design, engineer and build the box. The challenge here was the sheer length of the box, 182cm – significant additional bracing is required to prevent flexing and bowing – you can see this in the white metal photos below.

Very happy with the end result, especially the finish in Italian azure blue.

Please follow Anna in Tokyo at 2330CET on August 27th

Instagram: @annicabar

Facebook: @annabarbaroatleta


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