Possibly the largest box we’ve made…

Our brief here was to design and produce a highly customised box to hold two bikes that could either be securely mounted to the rear of a RV or conventionally used for air travel. Customer required absolute minimum of disassembly so bikes could be quickly readied for a ride. Security was also a priority – the owners wanted peace of mind that both box and bikes would be secure when the RV was unattended.

The solution is a super-wide version of our Ventoux box that houses the two bikes head-to-tail without the need to remove handlebars or pedals.

Other design considerations are:

  • Twin handles and each end to facilitate two people lifting in to a RV rack
  • Additional bracing to support the box when hung on its side
  • Secure attachment system to enable closed box to be secured to RV

Quite a fun design process – in addition to a CAD model we mocked up a wood and cardboard space envelope to test the concept before cutting metal – see final photo.

All finished in a low-key matt black finish.


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