Custom TT bike box

Custom TT bike box

The relentless push for more aero has lead to far more integration of cockpits and steering systems on TT and triathlon bikes – the only downside of this makes them painful to strip down for travel. Furthermore, where rotation of the steerer is limited, they often won’t fit in even our large Ventoux box.

A case in point is the Cube Aerium as owned by a US customer who needed a box as compact as possible whilst only removing wheels, seat post and handlebar aero extensions. This is what we came up with…

  • Just wide enough to accommodate width of base bar
  • Shortened to just clear seat tube
  • Braced for additional strength
  • Finished in RAL9007 powder-coat
  • Holds 4 wheels

A rewarding project to work on (more…)

New Buxumbox Galibier box for S&S Couplers and Ritchey Breakaway

New Buxumbox Galibier box for S&S Couplers and Ritchey Breakaway

Several years ago we made this compact box that complies with IATA large-suitcase regulations especially for road bikes that can be split with S&S Couplers. It fell by the wayside somewhat due to space constraints that meant prioritising the higher volume Tourmalet and Ventoux models but now, with our new workshop, we have reintroduced the Galibier box to the line-up.

The idea is that a full-size road bike with 700c wheels, either fitted with S&S Couplers or from the Ritchey Breakaway range, can be fitted in the kind of space that would ordinarily only support a small-wheeled fold bike. The compact dimensions mean that the box qualifies as a large suitcase – goodbye to oversize baggage charges!

The same rugged all-aluminium construction as its larger stablemates and anti-crush system means travelling with peace of mind (and a slightly fatter wallet!).

Packing one of these is a work of art and everyone seems to have their own favourite method – we’d recommend pipe lagging cut to length to protect frame tubes and soft bags to stop mechs, calipers etc from rattling around – there will even be space for tools, gels and spares. With practice, assembly/dis-assembly and packing should take no longer than 20 minutes though.

Finished in matt black powder-coat, we’ve just completed and initial run of 50 units and still have a dozen available to order for immediate despatch.

More details and a full set of photos can be found at the Galibier product page.


Frame and wheels packed – for illustration purposes.

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