We are honoured to be contracted by BMC Switzerland to supply boxes for their halo bike, the Masterpiece – as BMC say “an exclusive and unparalleled example of what can be done when no expense is spared”. Each and every Masterpiece bike or frame set is supplied to its customer in a custom Buxumbox.

The delivery of a Masterpiece almost always involves a flight. The cost and limited availability of these frame sets means that it’s a priority for BMC to utilise the very best bike protection available – this is not a selection based on aesthetics or image, it’s an indisputable business decision.

Everything about the Masterpiece involves the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality, hence a collaboration with Buxumbox on this project is a natural fit. Loosely based on our Ventoux Road model, this box has a unique space envelope, fittings and colour scheme all tailored to the Masterpiece.

This video posted by Canadian bike shop and BMC dealer Cranked shows the unboxing of this precious cargo.

Of course you don’t have to buy a Masterpiece to own a box of this quality, strength and ease of use. The original Ventoux Road box is available in 160 colours directly from Buxumbox – explore your options here.

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